Participating schools will be required to allocate time and resources in order to access the free consulting and FlourishDx technology platform access. The below is the required commitment over a 6-month contact period.

Approximate participation time commitment (hours over 6 months)

Project Component Involvement Time Detail Why
Baseline teacher survey All participating teachers 20 mins Baseline Teacher Wellbeing survey by Monash University researchers. For details on teachers’ participation, refer to Explanatory Statement. Pre-admission survey to capture baseline data (to evaluate intervention effectiveness at project completion)
Commencement meeting Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 1.5 hours Consultant to present business case, provide project overview, perform gap analysis and provide feedback on policies and risk register. Obtain buy-in and develop overarching policy/governance to drive implementation success
Preparation activities SLT 30 mins Invite SLT to complete Workplace Wellness Insights Tool – employer version. Prepare communication materials for the project (templates provided).

For details on school leaders’ participation, refer to Explanatory Statement.

Technology and communications preparation set up for project
HSR/Wellbeing champion workshop Health and Safety Representative(s), Wellbeing champions 3 hours Consultant to introduce project to employee representatives. Workshop participants will complete the Workplace Wellness Insights Tool – employee version. They will also be introduced to the psychosocial risk management process that will be followed as part of the project (including responding to the FlourishDx ‘Work Design’ survey.

For details on HSR/Wellbeing Champions’ participation, refer to Explanatory Statement.

Achieve teacher buy-in and ownership of the project
WorkWell baseline survey All teachers 15 minutes All teachers to complete the Workplace Wellness Insights Tool – employee version. Collect baseline data as a requirement of WorkWell funding
Mental Health Awareness eLearning All teachers 1.5 hours All teachers (and non-teaching staff at the school’s discretion) to complete FlourishDx mental health awareness eLearning. Improve understanding of mental health/wellbeing and their role in psychological risk management
Line Manager training SLT/Line managers 20 mins All school leaders to complete additional FlourishDx eLearning on psychological health and safety Improve understanding of line manager responsibilities for psychological risk management
Work Design survey All teachers 20 mins All teachers (and non-teaching staff at the school’s discretion) to complete the FlourishDx Work Design survey (focus on psychosocial hazard identification – quantitative data). Collective data on key psychosocial hazards
Risk Assessment Workshop Teachers who want to participate (voluntary) 2.5 hours Complete a deeper dive into key psychosocial hazards (qualitative data). Review data from Work Design survey. Develop suggestions for risk mitigation/work design improvement strategies (to be shared with SLT). Better understand key psychosocial hazards and develop strategies to mitigate identified risks
Data review and development of mental wellbeing action plan SLT and HSR/Wellbeing champions 2 hours Review data and improvement suggestions from Work Design survey and risk assessment workshop. Develop action plan to address key concerns (template provided). Review teacher suggestions and formalise mental wellbeing action plan
Follow action plan SLT and others as required varies Follow the action steps detailed in the mental wellbeing action plan. Complete actions from the plan (risk mitigation)
Intermittent surveys Teachers 5 mins Bi monthly Teacher Wellbeing survey (brief) to assess for changes in staff mental wellbeing/psychosocial safety climate. University-led evaluation of project
Intermittent phone consultations 1x SLT representative 15 mins Phone conversations with consultant every 1-2 months to provide progress updates and assist in problem identification and resolution. Track and ensure progress is being made
Optional focus group/interview SLT, HSR/Wellbeing champions, teachers 1 hour Group/individual session with Monash University researchers. For details, refer to Explanatory Statements for the relevant role:

Voluntary participation to enable Monash University researchers to gather in-depth qualitative information for their evaluation of the project.
Final WWI survey SLT, Teachers 15 mins Project conclusion WWI survey (to evaluate changes from project). WorkWell pre/post project evaluation
Case study preparation 1x SLT representative 1 hour Create short case study of a psychological hazard that was identified, steps taken to address this and outcomes (template provided). Knowledge dissemination with broader school community
Post-intervention teacher survey All participating teachers 20 mins Post-intervention Teacher Wellbeing survey by Monash University researchers. Final survey to compare against baseline data in order to evaluate intervention effectiveness at project completion.

SLT – Senior Leadership Team

HSR – Health and Safety Representative

WC – Wellbeing Champions

WWI – Workplace Wellness Insights Tool

Psychosocial hazards – anything in the design or management of work that increases the risk of work-related stress (e.g. role overload, lack of support).

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